Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Babies 23 Weeks

We almost didn't get photos of today's ultrasound. They finished everything, sent us out to check out and I realized we didn't have any photos. So I asked and guess what? They forgot! So this sweet technician took us back and did another quick ultrasound so I could have a few more photos. They aren't as photogenic as I would like but the top shows Baby B, his back side. He had his face hidden so we did not get a profile shot. He weights 1 pound 4 ounces. The bottom is of Baby A, also a backside shot. His little head is curled downward, he weighs the most of the two at 1 pound 5 ounces. Each are situated transversely, or are laying sideways in my belly. Every day they are kicking more and more and with more ferocity!

Everything looks great which was encouraging. We are praying daily for healthy, beautiful boys. We still have so much to do, including a new paint job for the nursery and a lot of organization. Hopefully we will accomplish everything with time to spare. I am running out of energy each day so hopefully we can accomplish a lot in October.

We had our C-section class Saturday. Even though we know what we are in for it still was a bit overwhelming to talk about everything that will be involved with the procedure. It would be a blessing to have a normal birth but our chances of that are fairly slim, it seems most multiple pregnancies result in a C-section.

We start Lamaze classes the first Saturday in October. I figure it still will be good to learn all the breathing techniques besides we still have a chance of possibly having a normal delivery.

Thanks for all your continued support and love for our growing family. We will keep you updated as the weeks pass by.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Babies, 20 Weeks

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

Our babies are developing normally and look beautiful. In fact, both are fairly close in size and doing well for twins. One worry with twins is that the babies can be different in their development but our little guys are right on track. They measured around 11 ounces today.

It was quite funny during the ultrasound as Baby A was as stubborn as can be and crawled up into a tight ball for most of the ultrasound (he is hiding out in my lower abdomen right now). At one point he was literally on top of his head and both the technician and I said, "That just can't be comfortable!" He really made the technician work to get shots of all his various organs, as this was the full fetal survey and they measure all the major organs, bones, etc.

Baby B was hanging out right near my belly button and the technician thought she had it easy until he started wiggling around and at one point moved down to touch his brother's head and as the tech said, "Say hello to his brother."

After the ultrasound the technician asked us what names we were thinking of and we said Noah and Jonah. She asked if we knew who was who and I said not really. She suggested that the more stubborn of the two, Baby A, be Jonah! What a good fit.

Now, most of you know how names change. We've been through several names but right now we seem to be stuck on Noah Mark and Jonah Coy. We'll see if they continue to feel right and suit us but I don't think any final decisions will be made until we are holding our two boys in our arms.

Also, several of you have requested belly photos, while these are obviously not my favorite (what woman likes others seeing her ever increasing waistline?) I decided to take a few. I even got a bit creative and held up two little pairs of socks just to get the visual of the two little ones developing inside.

Stay tuned.........there is more exciting news to come, we are sure!