Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Twin Boys!

To our surprise we found out we are having not one but TWO boys. For some reason I'd thought we were having at least one girl but to our surprise our technician confirmed we are expecting two little boys.

I am excited. Nervous still about raising two babies at one time but very excited. This is going to be a ride, that is for sure! At least everyone I've told about the boys has told me I will be so grateful because they are much easier to raise then girls.

One sweet sister who has a young son and is expecting her second in December said to me Sunday, "The Lord really needs his missionaries....I just have that feeling." We sure have had a lot of baby boys born in this area in the past year so she may just be right!

IVF Photos and First Look at Babies!

I wanted to share these photos too, although they are a bit older in date. The first is the very first look we had of our babies back in May 2007. Can you imagine we wanted to transfer three embryos? We had a friend who had transferred three and only one took and we really wanted twins (after all we've been through we figured an instant family, one try would be the best). Our specialist, Dr. Acacio, convinced us otherwise. We had invested in an extra test to determine which of the embryos were most likely to produce children and he was insistent that these two were 100% perfect. Although he did say we only had a 1/3 chance of twins and most likely one would take! The second photo is the ultrasound taken after the transfer showing the little embryos in place.

The third photo shows our very first ultrasound and imagine to our surprise, we found TWINS! My first month of pregnancy was pretty rough with a lot of pain but as soon as we saw those twins our specialist believed part of what I had went through was due to the two little babies growing inside of me (the other factor causing problems were the fertility meds they had me on as part of the IVF procedure, I suffered from a bit of hyperstimulation). We had wanted twins but I think once it became reality I got a little nervous and scared. But we are truly excited, even with all the nerves and know how lucky we are to have our first attempt at IVF work out with not one but two babies!

The next month or two of our first trimester was a roller coaster ride. At one point we had a bit of a scare as I had some bleeding but in the end everything was absolutely fine and the babies were unaffected. Boy were we glad! That was a frightening experience.

This last photo shows Shane back in July putting up our cribs, we now have two in place and I just ordered some adorable boy crib bedding and accessories yesterday.

One step closer to a complete nursery!