Monday, March 15, 2010

I cannot believe it has been so long since I last posted on our blog site. I really am sorry to anyone who follows what is happening with the Hanna family here. I have got to try and be better! Lately I find myself being on Facebook more and more.

The past month has gone quickly. We have kept busy with Richardson Center classes, appointments, play groups, my new M.O.M.'s Club (Mom's of Miracles) and everything else that seems to come our way. We did start a new round of illnesses this week. Jonah has an ear infection and we are waiting on blood work to see if Noah is also developing an infection. Both took their turn being very fussy last week, especially Jonah and now I know why!

It seems that February went fast and now March is going just as quick. Shane and I did get out for Valentine's Day thanks to Grandpa Langston insisting we get away after the RSV hospitalization with both boys. Shane and I spent a weekend in Los Angeles, going to the beach, eating at our favorite restaurants (Melting Pot, etc.) and just enjoying being a couple. We were also privileged to see the adoption finalized for the Haney family. They adopted their foster daughter of over a year (Haylee). I attended their legal proceedings on Friday and Saturday we went to the temple to see Haylee sealed to her family. Sunday Shane participated in the blessing circle. Haylee is now officially a member of the family and we have loved being a part of the experience! Noah enjoys running around with her and having a good time at play groups.

I decided to sign Noah up for a tumbling class once a week and Haylee and Shirley go too. Unfortunately we stayed home last week and this week is not looking much better so hopefully we do not miss half the classes!

This Saturday is the 17th Annual Blind Babies Beeper Egg Hunt. We are excited! This was so much fun for the boys last year. I really am looking forward to it again. I love that they do special things for children with blindness and the very brilliant, talented and compassionate Kristi Spaite is behind the event. I recently was able to help organize an in-service at the local therapy office and she traveled in to Bakersfield to speak to a group of therapists and early intervention specialists about cortical blindness. It was an amazing training and I know that everyone who attended went away with a lot of good information to implement. This has been a sore spot for me all along, Kern County has the absolute worst vision program/early intervention program ever. We never see the gentleman assigned to Jonah because he has over 90 cases right now, it is just so complicated. Even when he does make visits I don't feel he leaves us with much structure our helpful information. If I compare what we receive against the program that my good friend in Georgia has for her son with CVI it is beyond pathetic. So for now, the best thing I figured I could do was invest in the local program by getting therapists/educators the right kind of training to really help these children. It is a start. If money was not a concern, I would absolutely be behind both a children's hospital and a charter school for the physically disabled in Kern County. It appears after conversations with individuals in the school district and my own observations that most money is put in to autism even though I have no doubt that those with Cerebral Palsy make a large percentage of the physically disabled. I wish I had more time and energy, I need to be the voice behind getting this group of people more of the resources that they need.

We have also been exploring other options for our family. It is obvious that a long stay in the area is just not possible. The constant driving back and forth to the Madera hospital, lack of good pediatric care, minimal resources for therapy intervention, etc. are so stressful on us. We are praying for direction and guidance in making the right choice.

Don't forget, if you have not had the chance that the March for Babies walk is coming up in April. We are still raising money to support the fight against prematurity.

Here is the link if you would like to donate to our team's goal:

Team: Noah and Jonah & the M.O.M's Club (Mom's of Miracles) of Kern County

Thank you everyone who keeps up on the happenings of our little family. We have much yet to learn from our boys but every day they teach us about the importance of loving, laughing and appreciating life for all that it offers and most importantly, not taking for granted what God has given to us. Every day is a blessing.

Until our next post.