Friday, October 19, 2007

Day 13

“Dum spiro, spero (Latin), "While I breath, I hope"

Both the boys did a bit better today. Noah has been struggling with his oxygen but after a surfactant treatment for his lungs he stabilized and had a much better day. Jonah, thank goodness, also had a great day. His lungs are actually in much better condition then Noah's.

Incredibly, this morning the nurse working with Jonah said his head measurement was actually slightly smaller! I was so thrilled but it is such a small step for such a critical situation. Doctor Kurana plans to perform a spinal tap tomorrow morning to try and relieve some of the fluid from the brain. He feels that Jonah is too unstable to transfer at this time. He wants to try and buy Jonah time to mature and stabilize before any transfer for a shunt surgery.

Of course we're cautiously hopeful, maybe the reduction in his head size could finally be a turn toward a slow recovery? It feels too premature yet to be too hopeful but there is that tiny ray of hope that maybe, just maybe Jonah will recover on his own.

We certainly have prayed with such fervency that if it is God's will that Jonah would be spared the surgery.

I did ask the doctor if Jonah is beyond the point of return, if this shunt surgery is absolutely going to happen. He basically said that at this point the chances of him recovering on his own are so minimal but yes there is that small chance he could.

He also said the spinal tap could possibly not recover any fluid because generally at this stage the fluid is too thick.

Jonah had another ultrasound today so we should know the results tomorrow. It would be amazing if we could see that the fluid had somehow not worsened.

I feel so up and down about the whole situation, I so want to be hopeful that perhaps, just perhaps there is room enough for a small miracle to happen and our little Jonah won't require surgery.

I did also ask about Noah's bleed and the doctor used the word "inconsequential" so hopefully this Sunday when he has his repeat ultrasound we will not find out that it has worsened.

I again want to thank each of you for your concern and prayers. We've had a few of you contact us about places to stay at should we end up in LA for a few weeks. One former coworker and friend of Shane's took the time to email us and let us know that there is a Ronald McDonald house in LA.

Thank you all for looking out for us. We love and appreciate each of you.

Love, Shane and Michelle

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