Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Blessings from Above--Early Arrival at 24 Weeks

Our lives have been extraordinarily changed over the past week and a half. In the matter of 6 days I went from being put on bed rest at the hospital for pre-term labor to giving birth via C-section Sunday night, October 7th to our precious baby boys. We tried valiantly to keep them from coming early but in the end God entrusted us with the early arrival of our two boys at only 24 weeks. Jonah Coy (pictured with the white and blue blanket) was born at 12:21 AM and weighed 1 pound 7 ounces. Noah Mark (pictured with the yellow gingham quilt and hat) was born at 12:23 AM and weighed 1 pound 9 ounces. They came out fighting, as the doctor who performed my emergency C-section said. In fact, that has been told to us more then once. They are fighting right now and so far slowly winning the battle of being born so early. We have a wonderful NICU staff at Southwest Mercy Hospital dedicated to their constant care. They have accommodated our constant questions and frequent visits and they do much to help soothe our fears as they work hard to help our little boys make it through this difficult time.

We are so grateful for family and friends who have already rallied around our family and prayed, fasted and offered support in other ways. Please pray for us as we believe in miracles and know that our two boys have special missions and that Heavenly Father is most aware of them and will strengthen them through this time until we can finally take them home come January.

We will try and keep you updated with photos and even video as time allows. Right now we are managing my healing body as well as the constant critical care of Jonah and Noah.

Thanks again for all the love and support,

Shane and Michelle

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