Thursday, December 20, 2007

Friends and family,

Our friend Stephanie visited us in Fresno Tuesday during which she let us know about her "secret santa" (very sneaky Steph!) Thank you EVERYONE for all of your love and support. We wish we had more time for formal thank you's but we hope each of you know that we were overwhelmed by your love and support, all we expect is your prayers and you all have gone above and beyond in this Christmas season to make our holiday much brighter.

We love each of you. Thank you a million times over and we send lots of hugs for your generosity.

Also, the boys were transferred emergency yesterday to Childrens of LA. We found out Tuesday both required laser eye surgery and how convenient that the only surgeons are in Los Angeles. So both boys were sent to their third hospital since birth. It is very frustrating as a parent to be going through this in addition to everything else but at least they are receiving the very best of care. I am getting ready to leave from Bakersfield to LA in about an hour; I came home very briefly today until they could get me into the Ronald McDonald house in Los Angeles.

It looks like Noah will be sent back to Bakersfield in the next couple of weeks. It is likely that Jonah may be split yet again from his brother as his care is more critical and he must be at a hospital with surgeons who are able to monitor his progress. I hate the thought of the boys being split yet again but we have supportive family (thank goodness) who can help us should this happen.

All the best, we'll keep you posted and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Shane and Michelle Hanna

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