Friday, January 25, 2008

Below are photos of Jonah bottle feeding. Wednesday he did well although he didn't actually eat much his coordination was really good. Thursday he wasn't that interested and preferred sleeping to nippling. Today was not a good day for nippling because we changed Jonah's ostomy bag prior to his occupational therapy session so he was pretty mad about it and not interested in trying to feed. He unfortunately choked a bit on the nipple when trying to give it to him and his heart rate dropped pretty low which scared me. We decided he was telling us he was too stressed to try more so we'll continue again Monday. I can only hope for the best that eventually he will learn to feed and do well. I pray he will but it is slow going. I wanted to include a picture of our sweet Noah when he was on nasal cannulas, unfortunately as my posting below reads he only made it 48 hours before having to be put back on to the ventilator.

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