Thursday, February 14, 2008

I wish you not a path devoid of clouds
Nor a life on a bed of roses
Not that you might never need regret
Nor that you should never feel pain
No, that is not my wish for you

My wish for you is:
That you might be brave in time of trials
When others place crosses on your shoulders
When mountains must be climbed and chasms must be crossed
When hope can scarce shine through
That every gift God gave you may grow along with you
And let you give the gift of joy to all who care for you

Irish Blessing-

My former boss from back east, Sam Kemp, sent this beautiful Irish blessing to me. I was so touched by the thought that I wanted to share it with you on our blog. We are still here in Los Angeles. It has been a hectic situation trying to get beds for the boys back in Madera. They had one bed earlier this week but we didn't want them transferred separately so we were waiting for a second bed to open and today they gave the only bed they had away. So now we are at square one and waiting for space. It looks like we will have to send them separately after all. Jonah will most likely go first as he needs surgery and then I hope and pray Noah will follow within a week. I absolutely hate having them apart as I have already gone through this once before for two weeks back in October but it looks like at this point it is our only option. Please keep praying for our babies and for their progress. Jonah is doing fairly well and practicing every day bottle feeding a few cc's. It is slow progress but with time he will get it down. Our sweet Noah is still struggling respiratory wise and I fear that Jonah will beat Noah home and Noah will still remain hospitalized for a couple of months after Jonah comes home to us. I hope and pray Noah will not require a tracheostomy and home ventilator but if they are not able to wean him from the ventilator his only hope for coming home will be to have one.

Thanks for all your love and support. See the adorable photos and videos of the boys below.

Love, Shane and Michelle

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Brandon and Wizzy said...

Michelle and family

I have faithfully kept up with your blog and just want to let you know you are constantly in my prayers! Katie's wedding photo sits right next to the computer monitor and that means I see a picture daily of Michelle - it reminds me to pray. You seem to be doing so well under the circumstances and our new prayers are that the boys will be transferred - together and that they will come home soon. It's only the beginning, but I know how important each little step is. And, by the way, they are beautiful and getting so chubby!

Wizzy (for Brandon and Patrick too)