Sunday, March 16, 2008

Family and friends,

Jonah is set to go home Monday! I can hardly believe the day is finally here. After all we went through the hospital ended up approving Linda staying behind with Noah. Shane and I will alternate weekends to go down and spend time with Noah. I am so thrilled to have at least one of the boys home and hope that Noah will follow in the next few weeks.

We have really had an up and down day. They moved the boys down to a family care floor so the Ronald McDonald house asked us to leave because they don't consider it ICU (although it is, the rooms are live in though for one parent). Linda and I were up last night scrambling to do laundry, clean, pack and get ready to check out first thing this morning.

Then today Noah started struggling with the new settings they put him on oxygen wise and tonight they were talking about sending him back to the NICU! I almost had a nervous break down because it has been a huge stress on us to be asked to leave the Ronald McDonald house and now deal with finding a hotel for two nights and hoping to get Linda situated to stay behind in the room with Noah come Monday and now they are saying he may need to head back up to the NICU.

Good grief. I was pretty upset because they seemed to be pushing Noah a bit much this week and he just wasn't tolerating all the changes. Most of the changes they were pushing because they wanted him on lower settings so they could send the boys down to the family care floor but he just wasn't ready. I told the doctor yesterday I was worried about how much they were pushing Noah.

So we will see, they are giving Noah another day's trial and hopefully he will have a more stable day tomorrow.

Jonah is so funny. He had his "car seat challenge" today. They require all babies that will be discharged to sit in their car seat for the duration of time it takes to get home to make sure the baby won't have any spells, etc. Jonah cried the ENTIRE two hours!!! He was so upset at being stuck in a car seat when Mom was standing right there and could not pick him up. Good grief, it is a good thing he is overall stable otherwise they may not have passed him!

Well, we will keep you updated. Thank you all for your love and prayers.

Shane and Michelle

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heidi said...

yeah, i'm glad you get to come home, i think yesterday. hope the whole family will be together soon! and i can't wait to see you and the boys, but don't worry i'll give you some breathing time to be home and settled