Friday, March 28, 2008

I am so excited that I had to post tonight. We tried a different formula with Jonah and he liked it so much he ate 3 ounces! I keep praying this isn't a one time deal as that would be so anti-climatic but hopefully we have found a solution! The pediatrician today gave us an Enfamil brand formula that already has the rice cereal in the powder and we thickened it to 24 calories and Jonah loved it. He hardly complained (other then when I pulled the bottle away).

Well, it is late and another feeding is coming up (another reason I figured I would just stay up because his next feeding is soon) so I will go.

Quick update on Noah. He is responding well to the steroids. He is on low settings and they are talking about trying him on low flow oxygen tomorrow (the system he would come home on). His bottle feeding is still fairly good. He is eating much more, not every feeding but he is better.

Well, we hope things are looking up. We will post more later.

Love, Shane and Michelle

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