Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Raising kids is part joy and part guerilla warfare."
-Ed Asner-

I laughed so hard when I found this quote! Phew. What a first night at home. Jonah's days and nights are so mixed up right now. He was up all night. We would rock him and he would fall asleep and as soon as we put him down he would wake again and start crying until picked up. This continued until about three in the morning and finally after we had tried everything I told Shane to put his boppy in between us in bed and prop him in it to sleep and sure enough that was enough to satisfy him. We also have a special doughnut pillow that Noah was using in the NICU. We may try that tonight if Jonah refuses his bassinet or crib again. I know I am probably cracking by not sticking to putting him in his crib but it is hard when he has been through so much and he logically just wants to make sure Mom and Dad are there and that he isn't going to be poked, prodded or asked to bleed again for some doctor or nurse.

We tried switching him to the powdered formula today and he wasn't really liking it much. I'm not sure if the bottle was part of it too as I switched him over to the Ventair Playtex bottle. The occupational therapist said just to get the standard slow flow nipples but it seems like he might be working too hard to eat and so I think we might have to try another nipple with this next feeding.

Shane is out running errands today and since Jonah didn't sleep much last night we organized the house and did laundry. Today I am just trying to get a few more things done. It's pretty sad that Shane's only days off were yesterday and today but he has to save up for when Noah comes home too.

Keep Noah in your prayers. We are worried about him. He is struggling respiratory wise and having a hard time coming down to a low level of oxygen so we can take him home. They are trying some new inhalers today as well as increasing his liters and doing a few different things to see if he can't come down on his oxygen needs a bit. The pulmonologist saw him today and suggested that Prednisone may also be a good idea, a short dosage over three days to perhaps strengthen the lungs. At first we were very much opposed to the use of steroids but we have since spoken with the doctor and he has said that this type of steroid does not come with the same risks as the Dexamethasone which Noah took a few times several months ago (also in short, low doses).

At this point all we can do is pray for the best and that with these changes we will see things improve.

It is frustrating, however, as I feel that sometimes they push him too much. Especially considering how early he was, how poor his lungs are and that he has been off the ventilator for only a month.

All we can do in the end is pray for the best and realize he had his best chance at being weaned off the ventilator in Fresno. They are doing everything they can to assure that Noah doesn't regress to the point of needing a trachea.

Thank you all for your continued prayers. Please keep praying for both boys. We have a long road yet but at least one baby is home with us now.

Love, Shane and Michelle

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