Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I love this video of Jonah. He is developing such a cute little personality. Also, he has recently found his hand and is constantly sucking on it. I can't decide if he is teething or not but I think he is getting ready to. He drools and constantly is licking/sucking his hand! As a side note, the end of video grimace is due to a sneeze that was just starting to happen and mommy took the editor's privilege of stopping the clip. =)

We couldn't decide which of the two photos was cuter of Noah so we uploaded both. You can't see much but the close up is of a Noah with a messy face because he drooled his Smithecone drops (for colic/gas) all over his face. The second photo is of Noah after bath time with Grandpa.

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vll123 said...

Noah is SOO cute!! He looks water logged in the top picture. ha ha what a cute baby. I love the picture of Jonah, my how my nephews are getting big.