Monday, May 26, 2008

“First the doctor told me the good news: I was going to have a disease named after me.” -Steve Martin-

Hilarious! Not totally applicable to this posting but somewhat in the way that we had decent news this morning (although not with the above mentioned irony) from the physical therapist.

Dad got the opportunity to take Jonah to his medical appointment and Mom got to rest because she had night duty! Hip hip hooray for sleep and holidays!
I typed up a summary sheet for Shane to take and made sure I emphasized good note taking as I wanted all details.

So the short of it is that the physical therapist confirmed that yes, Jonah fell in the 2-3 month range for ability, mostly due to his weak neck muscles. He is only 4 months adjusted age so that isn't too bad. Our therapist said that due to his long time in the hospital it is no surprise he is behind as well as the misshaping of his head has affected his head movement, weak neck muscles (which we knew. Jonah goes in June 2nd for his helmet casting so I'm excited to round out his head in the hopes it will encourage him in the development category too).

Here is the good news: she said she saw no signs at this point of severe cerebral palsy. Now, before we throw in the towel and yell for triumphant joy that the battle has been won we know this road is LONG. She DID, DID say it was still very early and that things would truly manifest themselves over time but at this point she was happy to say she did not see anything alarming, only issues related to his long hospital stay and prematurity. Of course we also know there are several forms of CP and he could easily develop minor CP down the road. But, FOR TODAY we will be happy with our news. We'll give a hurrah and close this posting before something happens (i.e. vomit, fit of colic, or other) to ruin our happy moment!

Love, Shane and Michelle

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Heidi said...

That is WONDERFUL news and something we're still learning - with our micropreemie, we decided to celebrate every milestone, every piece of good news whether it be big or small. It's a long, long road so let's relish those bits of happy news along the way. And really, any excuse to celebrate is great - we just baked a cake for Bennett's 3 year NICU homecoming anniversary/adjusted birthday. We need more reasons to bake cakes around here. :)

Congratulations on a good report and we're hoping to hear of many more to come.