Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Interesting Happenings of the Day:

1. Re-taped Noah's cannulas FOUR times, this includes finding Noah in his swing (right after I finally got Jonah down to sleep) sucking happily on his cannulas after ripping them out of his nose. He thought this was hilarious, not mom. =)


We got in to see our ped this morning and he finally agreed to try Jonah on different reflux meds, so we're starting Prilosec tomorrow (the same dosage Noah is on). I sure hope this makes a difference because his increase in hacking/coughing and spit-ups has not been fun ever since we upped his volume of formula. He does have a minor cold which complicates matters as he has a lot of phlegm he is dealing with. This adds to his easy ability of spitting up....SO FUN!!!

Our pediatrician did talk about the surgery to tighten the stomach sphincter to prevent reflux but we aren't supporters of this option as many children afterward end up on g-tubes and I will fight the entire world if I have to to keep my boys off g-tubes. We'll see. He DID say this was the worst case scenario option and he definitely thought the boys had room to go. Jonah has had 7 surgeries in his short life and he doesn't need any more if AT ALL preventable. Because we can't get in to our GI clinic until July (I tried everything to get that changed) our ped is calling a secondary source to get another opinion on the boys. I definitely think some probiotics might benefit both as they both have problems with pooping....who knew we'd value such things as poop and a day without vomit a year ago. My how things change.

Jonah's intake for eye therapy went well. The therapist was pleased with how verbal and social Jonah was. She did note his eye delay but we are both hopeful with therapy plus perhaps eye patching we can prevent surgery. We may need to look in to our second opinion in Los Angeles soon as Jonah goes to see his eye specialist in Fresno in the next few weeks. His helmet fitting is next Friday! I am excited to see how it changes the shape of his head. Boy next week will be crazy, we have therapy appointments, helmet fitting and high risk appointment every day. Thank goodness Grandpa Langston is still in town!!!

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