Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Noah visited the pulmonologist today. Things went well, other then my annoyance with one of the nurses for saying, "Well other than your son being a shrimp he looks great." Nice. Another stupid comment to add to the book of insensitivity.

Yes, we know Noah needs to gain more weight and no, he obviously is not where he should be because guess what, he is a PREEMIE!

The specialist did say that Noah looked really, really good. Everyone is always surprised with how bright and curious he is.

Grandpa Langston stayed home with Jonah. What a help he is! I am not sure how we will do things once he is gone. It makes life so much easier only having to manage one child. When my father and I took the boys to the opthomalogist Friday he just looked at me and said, "I don't know how you are going to do this alone." Both boys are pretty demanding, as babies are and it is so helpful to have extra hands right now. Plus it doesn't help that it is taking almost two hours in the car to drive down to meet with our specialists.

Shane and I have a lot of decisions to make right now in our lives. We have been praying for direction on what to do. We both want to get closer to family or move closer to the hospital in Fresno. Job opportunities aren't really to be found and it is hard as Shane just changed employment this last fall right when the boys were born. He really wants a chance to build his career first before making another move but there comes a time when family becomes so important.

We will see what happens. I do know the two hour drive to see specialists, etc. is wearing on me.

One thing that I have to be grateful for (and I try to remember when being frustrated about not receiving immediate answers as to what is best for our family) is the state of California has amazing services for families with children who are chronically ill. We have had the local regional center step in and help us so many times over the past several months from assisting with living costs away from home to purchasing the Pulsox machine for Noah because insurance would not cover the costs to rent, etc.

We have been blessed and Shane does remind me that this is pretty unique to California. Regional center is also arranging for eye therapy to start for Jonah, all costs covered. We are praying it will be helpful as his vision is affected right now by his difficulty to focus. I keep wondering if this will delay other things as well until we are able to fully fix the problem. He has started up with the cutest "coos" and smiles more every day when we play peek a boo with him. That makes me happy.

Pray for us that we will receive direction in our lives and know what is best to do for the boys.

Shane and Michelle

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