Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Well, the roller coaster continues with Noah. We thought we had this bug beat but last night he started up with the same issues he had a week ago, up and down on his sats and we were up all night repositioning, giving an extra Albuterol treatment and suctioning him for any secretions. I haven't been getting much out of his nose, yes some mucus but not so much I would be worried. It's just his dang oxygen needs are back up to 1.5 liters (I finally gave in at 6:00 AM this morning).

So I feel like this week is carbon copy of last, back in the pediatrician's office first thing this morning (of course our doctor was on call for hospital deliveries so we had another doctor) and on the phone with the Pulmonologist office. The doc said Noah's lungs sounded clear and he saw no reason to repeat an x-ray, he said he did see mild retractions but Noah was aware of his surroundings and interacting (this was true this morning but he has been so cranky this afternoon I keep hoping he isn't getting worse already). So after telling us it was probably an upper respiratory infection which is viral (again we knew this), home he sent us. I wish he would have at least taken an x-ray just to make sure there had been no changes since last Monday. The radiologist report did mention (I made this doc print me a copy so I could read it) that there was a small patch of area manifesting what may be bronchiolitis. I hope to heck this isn't true and that it isn't advancing because it can lead to RSV symptoms and require hospitalization. I did ask the doc about this and he said because Noah's lungs sounded clear and because he didn't see him showing signs of something more serious (heavy retractions, grunting when breathing, listless, etc.) that he was sure that wasn't the issue. The Pulmonologist from Fresno took a look at the same x-ray this past Thursday and told me he saw nothing alarming so at least I don't have to second guess the doctor's opinion from this morning.

I spoke with the Pulmonologist office in Fresno and they said just to watch him and call tomorrow and let them know if I thought we should set up another appointment for Thursday. They said their main concern was he was not being weaned from the oxygen but that could also be from his taking a longer time to get over this bug. They basically confirmed what the doctor said and told me that there isn't much to do for something viral.

So we will see how the rest of today goes. He has been SUPER fussy, cranky and all around not happy. He is still eating pretty decent (for him) so that is good but he is just fussy, fussy.

Of course, with perfect timing, Shane left for a business trip early this morning. He hasn't been on travel for months because of the boys and when he finally decides to go on his first business trip Noah starts getting sicker. Good thing my dad is here.

We are trying desperately to keep Noah out of the hospital. I wouldn't mind so much if it were in Fresno because they have such a beautiful hospital with amazing doctors but honestly, I am just not that trusting of the hospitals here plus they don't even have a level III NICU.

Shane did give Noah a priesthood blessing this morning so hopefully divine intervention will have an important role and Noah will get over this hump and recover.

Keep the boys in your prayers.

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Amanda Lawrence said...

We've got you in our prayers.
Amanda, Tom, and Duncan