Saturday, July 19, 2008

Last night was long. Jonah was so fussy and cried pretty much straight for several hours last night. I am sure his eyes were bothering him. He finally fell asleep and I let him sleep with me for the night. This morning he seems to be feeling better. He still isn't eating as much but I know it takes a couple of days to get all the gas, etc. out of your system that comes with anesthesia. Noah continues to be a fight to feed. His habit lately is to be terrible in the morning and during the night. You'd think after not eating well during the night he would wake up starving come morning, oh no! He doesn't eat well until late morning/afternoon/early evening. We'll figure something out for him yet! Noah last weighed in just over 13 pounds and Jonah this past Thursday weighed in at 13 pounds 14 ounces, just two ounces shy of 14 pounds! Hip hip hooray! I hope we can reach our goal of 15 pounds by their "actual" (not adjusted) first birthday in early October. Pray for no major illnesses between now and then and that we will survive teething!!


heidi said...

way to go on the weight gain, hope you reach your goal. sorry about the hard night

babymagik18 said...

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your family is. I am so happy your twins have been touched by God during their journey. Your boys are amazing. The site is very inspirational to me. My twins were born at 26w this past christmas...that itself was a miracle after haveing been told their was no hope and the doctor rupturing my membranes at 22w. They are ivf twins as well. My son had a severe grade 4 brain hemmorage at 3 days old. It takes up 1/4th of his brain. He is doign very well. He has really come along way. I have him in altranative therapy that has helped beyond belief. He was unable to move his left side much and his head was stuck to one side. After a few sessions of therapy he was movung alot. He as of now is "on target" for his age. We havehim doing the anatbaniel method for children. If you live in CA you will luck out because the main practioner is out of ca Anat Baniel. I hope you look into it...its been a miralce for us. Best of luck to you and your incredible miracle boys!
god bless