Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ok, here is my vent for today. I have had two people comment on Jonah's head shape and ask if we planned to do a helmet. YES, WE PLAN TO DO A HELMET. It drives me crazy, I am not a bad mother. I feel like wearing a poster that says, "Yes...Jonah will get a helmet but the Orthodist wants to see more head control first." I have told his physical therapist three times now and she keeps forgetting and asking the same questions. It drives me NUTS. Plus she keeps asking if Jonah has Craniosynostosis, or premature closing of the head sutures because she knows a family whose baby had this problem and he had a miraculous surgery. I've told her like three times now that this is not Jonah's problem and he had severe hydrocephalus and that is why his head is misshapen. The only thing to help this is a helmet. Anyways, our PT wanted to call our Orthodist (of course she knows him because they are the only place in town that does the infant helmets) and talk to him. I told her to be my guest because we'd love to see him in a helmet sooner then later too but every time we go in for an office visit he wants another month to see if Jonah will improve. I'm putting off another office visit until September because I want to see first if Jonah will improve this month with his PT. If not, we may be in for the long haul and we just need to get that helmet going.

Ok, vent over.

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