Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shane took Jonah this morning to Fresno to meet with his eye specialist. She was pleased with his progress. Shane did ask about his pupils and she said it is normal after surgery for the pupils to recover but Shane neglected to mention they have been that way for some time. She did mention that we will watch this carefully over the coming months and I have heard from other micro-preemie moms who've said their children may end up needing surgery to enlarge the pupil, so we will see.

She did say that because Jonah still has some shaking he may require an additional surgery in the next few months. She plans to see him in two months. During that time I plan to get us up to Los Angeles so we can see the original surgeon who did Jonah's ROP surgery back in December. I want his opinion on what is going on (he is world renowned and amazing) and to see what he recommends.

Shane said she did try a few lenses with Jonah to see if she noticed a difference in his vision but she said right now it would not make much of a difference to try glasses so we are putting this off until the next visit.

I am curious to see what Dr. Lee will say about Jonah's eyes. I plan to go with or without the help of our HMO...even if it means out of pocket I want him to see Jonah.

More to come.....


Amy said...

Michelle, your boys are absolutely beautiful. They definately have a light about them. They will grow to do great things, I can see it in them both.

If you'd like an invite to my family blog, please email me at with your blogger email.

-Amy Hales(Grainger)

Naomi & Greg said...

once more you and Shane are such great parents and the best advocates for your sweet children. I love the updates and posts of your amazing boys.