Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just a quick posting. Jonah has cut his bottom two teeth and we had a few scary nights of lots of fussing....thank goodness his teeth came in soon thereafter and we knew the cause of the extra fussiness!

Noah's two adorable teeth are growing and he continues to give us a hard time with feeding. We've been praying a lot and trying to be creative to get food down him, continuing sometimes with syringe feeding.

Noah stopped his Lasix (one less med!) and we are trying to see if we can wean his Potassium Chloride as well as Sodium Chloride. If we are lucky we might be able to wean him off both completely and that will have reduced a few meds with only two diuretics, his laxatives and reflux meds to go! Phew!

Noah continues off and on with his spit ups, we are thinking he might just be trying to get used to his solids but I am praying that we aren't looking at possible food allergies as that is the last thing we need to add to our plate. Some days though it feels like the only thing we do is clean up Noah's throw up from all over the place and try to get more food in to him.

Jonah got his helmet! I am going to include some photos on our blog. I like it, it is clear, no fancy colors but that is perfectly ok with me. I prefer it actually, it draws less attention. He is NOT a fan and yesterday afternoon was pretty rough with a lot of screaming and fussing. Today has been a bit better and hopefully over the next few days he will adjust completely. Like I said earlier, he most likely will be in his helmet for the next several months.

Jonah continues to do pretty well with his bottle, usually packing in 5-6 ounces of high calorie formula with every feeding. His solid feeding is ok but he will be assessed on the 22nd by an occupational therapist for his tongue thrusting. I just ordered some NUK brushes on a great Web site called that has all kinds of therapy tools. Once they arrive I plan to start using the NUK brushes with both boys at solid eating time.

Noah is already picky with his solids, he liked bananas but doesn't care for peaches or pears. I hope he likes apple sauce! He will take a few bites and then refuse to open his mouth unless it is something he absolutely likes.

So that is the latest with our little men. We go to see Dr. Lee next Friday regarding Jonah's eyes and I am excited to meet with him. He is well educated and a thorough expert in the vision field plus he has excellent bed side manner and communicates well with parents. I hope he can answer a lot of questions for us. After this, as long as Dr. Lee agrees that Dr. Kelly in Madera is on track, we plan to take Jonah back to Madera on the 15th of October to meet with Dr. Kelly. At that time she might discuss another surgery.

We will keep you posted...stay tuned.

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