Thursday, January 22, 2009

I haven't posted all week but we took Jonah in Monday to the doctor after a long weekend of cold like symptoms and horrible congestion. I had a feeling that his ear infection had not recovered. Sure enough, after a visit to the pediatrician we found out that Jonah's ear infection had not cleared up.

Now we have both boys on the same antibiotic and they seem to be finally turning a corner. Jonah still has a horrible runny nose and both are still coughing here and there, they seem to have caught something viral a long the way. I do think that we are finally turning a corner.

Jonah stayed home from therapy and today finally made it back for occupational therapy. Tomorrow both boys go for physical therapy and then we head to Fresno for Jonah's eye specialist. She called me today to confirm that she wrote a prescription to try therapy with the local developmental optometrist.

Earlier in the week we had beautiful weather and had a few nice walks around the park. Today was rainy and tomorrow is supposed to be the same.

We'll keep you posted regarding our visit to Dr. Kelly.

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