Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am almost afraid to post this as I feel like tomorrow everything could change but for Valentine's Shane found a wonderful hotel deal in San Francisco! I am so excited as I have only ever flown through the area, never stayed and although the forecast calls for rain we will take our chances!

Even tonight Jonah was being abnormally fussy and I was thinking, "Please no, please don't get sick or have any problem that may prevent our nice little get away (hopefully that doesn't sound too selfish)." Hopefully I am just being paranoid. My sweet father has agreed to watch the boys from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon while we go enjoy ourselves. Seriously, who could ask for a better Grandpa and friend? I can definitely say we would not make it without him. He has been such a help and important part of Noah and Jonah's lives. They are lucky to call him Grandpa. Also, Grandma Hanna left today and we want her to know how much she will be missed. She also has sacrificed so much to help out with our family and flew down here last minute to help with the boys so Shane could rest. We are blessed with good family!

This week Jonah has continued to have a few more vomiting episodes then I would like but I really think his allergies are acting up and tomorrow both boys go in for their Synergis shots so the doctor is also going to take a look at Jonah and discuss maybe changing the Tavist he is on. Noah's yeast infection has STILL not cleared up (after over a month and two different ointments plus oral Nyastatin) so that will be reviewed too. The dental appointment was put off as we just switched insurances and Aetna forgot to get my name as well as the boys added to the policy (nice). We found out when the specialist's office called today to say that the insurance was saying neither of the boys was showing coverage. Fun, fun. So that appointment has been delayed until they get their paperwork straightened out but hopefully we'll get both in within the next week.

For now, I am signing off and dreaming of this weekend in San Francisco.................

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The Hanson Family said...

Lucky, lucky girl! You know I am so jealous!