Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just a quick posting. It always seems when things are going smoothly someone gets sick. I'm pretty sure this is universal in most homes.

This morning Noah woke up and the first thing he did was vomit a bunch of mucus. We thought it was related to teething. In a rush we were off to first thing in the morning appts with physical therapy. Noah managed to throw up his entire bottle on Grandpa and himself while Jonah was being worked with. That followed with several gagging sessions, more vomiting and by 10:00 he had thrown up at least 6-7 times. No fever, sats were fine, just lots of gagging and throwing up. I started to panic and called our pediatrician. Of course they wanted Noah in asap.

We met with them about 11:30 and the doctor did not find anything wrong with ears, nose, he had a soft belly, nothing alarming there but the fact that the throwing up was so frequent she ordered lab work. We just finished with this and we are on a strict feeding diet today, 1 tsp. of formula every 15 minutes. They want fluid to be absorbed before his body can loose it and hopefully the smaller volume will keep it down.

I just gave him his first 5 ml's of Kids Essentials and he is due in another few minutes for the next dose. He did want more but he has been coughing now so I am glad I didn't give in and give him the extra fluid.

We hope the blood work comes back showing maybe something viral that will pass and not anything serious. We definitely do not want the hospital involved so if you are able to say a prayer today say one for Noah that he can beat this bug and not end up dehydrated and back in the hospital.

Stay tuned......


Rob and Tammy said...

Both of the boys are in our prayers!

Amanda said...

Hey, Jeff and I both got some sort of stomach virus two weeks ago. We threw up for about 8 hours straight. But after 24 hours we were doing better. Of course it is much worse for your little guys but I know something like that has been going around here. I'll certainly pray that Noah can get through it with out a hospital visit and also that Jonah will be able to stay well as the others in the house.