Sunday, March 8, 2009

Noah's pulmonology appointment went fine. Nothing new to report. They actually took Noah completely off oxygen for a few minutes and then monitored him to see if he was ready to be without during the day. Of course I knew he was not ready as he is still on 1/2 liter (not sure what the doctor was thinking) and sure enough he was only satting about 85/86. So he is still not ready to be oxygen free but maybe soon. I plan to call this week and see if we can't get him a back pack for church so that we won't have to lug around one of his tanks. Hopefully we can figure out something more compact that will last for 3 hours when we take him out on Sundays.

I have been shopping for the boys for church clothes and it has been fun! We went to the Tulare outlets after the Fresno appt on Saturday. I found some adorable shoes, sweater vests for Easter and cute Baby Gap pants. Of course Noah's size was out in the pants and in the dress shirts we found. So in one week I have to call back and see if they've had a new shipment. Bless Noah, we have got to fatten this boy up!

Speaking of, Noah weighed in a bit over 19 pounds Saturday and almost 28.5 inches long. He is still pretty small but on an upward growth scale so his doctors aren't fussing as he does make progress, just slowly.

Saturday was busy, after getting home I jumped in to help take over for Shane who was painting our fence. Shane left for a ward activity and I then quit to eat a quick dinner with my family and then go to the church activity also. After the activity we went with friends to a local creamery (yummy) and then home. I then rushed to Albertsons for groceries and with daylight savings made it to bed at midnight. Shane offered to take my mom to the airport as I picked her up so he went to bed as soon as we got home. It was a long but good day.

Another activity we are excited for is the Beeper Egg Hunt through Blind Babies Foundation. We have been invited to attend the activity first of April. Instead of a regular egg hunt the eggs have beepers so the visually impaired children can locate them. It should be a lot of fun and Noah gets to go too so we are excited!

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