Saturday, March 28, 2009

What a wonderful day! We enjoyed ourselves at the Blind Babies Foundation Beeper Egg Hunt in Visalia.

I included photos of all the fun activities we enjoyed, including a petting zoo, planting flowers, eating yummy BBQ and the egg hunt itself. We have a cute polaroid of the boys and us with the Easter bunny that I will have to scan and upload. I will say that Noah did NOT like the Easter bunny and Jonah was more interested in trying to eat his furry costume so there were several shots taken in attempt to try and get something reasonable!

We also enjoyed the guide dogs that were brought to the picnic. Jonah was a bit frightened after meeting one who happened to sneeze and Noah was uncertain too but it was good for them to meet the dogs. Some day we may get a special pet for Jonah so I enjoyed seeing these beautiful, gentle animals in action.

Everyone was so kind. We even met one of the board members whose own daughter is blind. She was wonderful. We got to see Christi again who helped us back in January with Jonah.

Jonah just loved the beeper eggs, the volunteers made sure he had plenty of opportunities to pick them out and they were kind enough to let Noah hunt for eggs too.

I was amazed at the turn out and even more amazed at all the wonderful things that were given to the children and their families.

We plan to go to their Pumpkin Patch in the fall and we are looking forward to that event at the same ranch.

After the event we stopped by the Tulare outlets and picked up a few spring clothes (goodness it was 80 degrees today and we were sweating in all that sun). The adorable hat you see on Jonah I got at Baby Gap. He is so cute in hats that I had to take photos and include those too (don't pay attention to the fact that somehow Jonah managed to get half out of his seat belt during the photos).

Happy Easter everyone!

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Amanda said...

What a great event! I was waiting with much anticipation to hear about it. Thanks for sharing! The hat does look great on Jonah.