Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Please, please. Someone. I am begging for ideas on how to keep Jonah's glasses on!!!! I have tried EVERYTHING from disciplining (not working, Jonah thinks everything is a game) to tying the glasses on with hair bands to taping them to his temples and cheeks with paper tape, even attempting to make my own strap out of felt.

NOTHING is working. The infant strap I bought at Walmart is worthless. Jonah has already managed to chip his new lenses that he has had for a whopping three weeks.

Boy, our optometrist is really going to hate us. I hope they consider chipping part of the anti-scratch warranty we have!

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Rob and Tammy said...

Wish I had some suggestions for you! Cute Valerie posted on my blog and I would like to respond to her but I don't have an email address for her. When you have a second could you please send it to me. On another note, thanks to the economy Jared was laid off from his job with Larry Miller this week (along with 50 others). Say a prayer that he will find something soon.

We love you all and you are always in our prayers!!