Friday, April 24, 2009


In one week we have been able to raise $300 for the March of Dimes walk tomorrow. I can't believe the support we have received in such little time. To all of you, many thanks for your ongoing friendship and support.

Hopefully in the bustle of tomorrow morning I will remember to take my camera and get some photos of the walk. I also hope that Noah's tantrums that come with being in his stroller will be minimal, maybe the walking will keep him distracted (don't even ask how lunch at Chile's went today. We went for Tracy's birthday. Let's just say that after 10 minutes of screaming because he had to sit in a restaurant high chair he finally realized that Mom was not paying attention and gave up. I am sure everyone around us thought I was a terrible Mom).

Thanks again everyone!

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kristi said...

Good for you! It's so hard to let them cry it out, but sometimes you really just have to "do it." It will get better, maybe not today, or tomorrow, but it will. I promise!