Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It has been another long week. I must have overdone things this past Saturday as I woke up Sunday morning feeling awful. Shane felt a bit under the weather and Noah started up with a nasty runny nose and vomiting. I thought we would make church and was excited to see how the nursery enjoyed the new table cloth and bright floral pots I put in the windows but in the end we had to stay home.

My symptoms only continued to worsen so finally Monday I convinced my doctor to call me in an antibiotic. I must have something viral because I cannot even tell if the Z-Pac is doing any good at all. I still have a nasty cough and drainage. I have a bit more energy and thank goodness the horrible headaches are gone.

Noah and Jonah have been a bit more unsettled GI wise this week and Noah has both a runny nose with lots of sneezing so I think they have a version of what I am going through so we have missed another week of therapy.

I cannot wait to get back in to a normal routine. It is going to be so nice to be back to normal and get involved with our play groups, story time, etc.

We have an appointment scheduled for Jonah on the 29th of July with the UCLA Center for Cerebral Palsy. I am glad to have that taken care of. Jonah meets with all his specialists down in Madera end of June when Grandpa returns, including his eye specialist. I am excited to see her as it has been several months.

Nothing too new on the vision therapy front. I received an email from Blind Babies with a few simple suggestions and a handout but the specialist has a son graduating from high school so she said it may be a week before she could get back with a plan. Our good friend, Amanda Lawrence, also shared notes from a recent visit by their CVI specialist (thank you!) So at least I have some new material. I have been so sick I have not had a chance to review it but plan to here soon.

Well, I am off to run a couple of errands since I have a bit more energy tonight. I will post more soon.

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