Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just a quick posting. We remain busy here at the Hanna house. We worked a lot Saturday in the yard both weeding and planting a few more flowers out front and back. I am excited to plant a pumpkin patch in one of the flower beds we aren't using on the side of the house. It will be fun to grow the pumpkins for the fall so the boys have their own pumpkins to choose for Halloween. I also bought some sugar baby seeds and plan to plant those also.

Yesterday was a rough day. The boys were fussy and we had more then one episode of vomiting. I felt like all I did was run from one puddle of puke to the next. Good thing that when Dad got home he was kind enough to take on the boys so Mom could run some errands and feel like a part of humanity again. I made a fondant cake last night for Shane to take to work today. I also managed to finish some cute cookies for my cookie class tonight. I ran to Michaels this morning and chose a cute flower pot to fill with styrofoam so I can make my bouquet tonight.

Today seems to be off to a better start, maybe God felt Mom deserved a break. =)

I am yet to hear from Blind Babies. I just sent our contact a follow up email as I am sure her son has now graduated from high school and hopefully things are more settled. We have an appointment with Jonah's opthalmologist on the 24th so I suggested we also meet with Blind Babies to see if they have any new insight in to what Jonah is needing.

I had another conversation with Jonah's physical therapist about the neurosuit this morning and her intern for the summer was familiar with the Los Angeles group that does the therapy. Neurological and Physical Abilitation Center (NAPA) offers the neurosuit therapy. I have it in my plans to research their Web site this afternoon and see what options we might have for Jonah. Apparently they are located near the LAX airport. So we will see what they have that could benefit Jonah and then see when we could possibly work it in to the budget. It might have to wait for Shane's next company bonus as I know the therapy is alternative and not covered by insurance.

This week seems to be back on track with our normal schedule. I am grateful for this. We had PT/OT both yesterday and today. Tomorrow will be our first attempt at story time. Hopefully it will prove to be something both boys enjoy. My friend who goes did mention that it has started to be packed with the summer and school being out. We'll have to go early to get a spot close so that Jonah can hear well and also to the side for an easy escape should one of the boys get upset. Jonah has done well with music time in nursery and has handled all the crazy noise of nursery and church well so my assumption is that he will do well for story time. I can only cross my toes and fingers so much though but that is the hope!

Well, that is the latest. It is lunch time for the boys so I have to run. I'll keep you posted in regards to what we learn about NAPA.

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kristi said...

Good luck with story time. Those were always tricky for me. One would sit totally entranced by the story; one would be okay for a few minutes; and one would scream the whole time (and the kids often rotated roles). The employees at the library were always relieved when we left! It's better now, but the oldest is not as interested in the stories these days.