Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What an unpleasant surprise we woke up to this morning!!

Someone decided to trash the front of our home with eggs, cottage cheese, crackers, maple syrup, ketchup, you name it. It was an awful mess. Well, two hours of cleaning, phone calls to the police and local security that patrols our HOA we are finally wrapping things up. We don't even know any teenagers well enough to know who would have done this. It is pretty upsetting as we missed our play group, had to manage the school district vision specialist visiting in the middle of all of this plus figure out (thank goodness Grandpa is here) how to clean it all up before the ants settled in.


One of these days luck will call us a friend and we'll stop having so many surprises. Perhaps I am just feeling a bit frustrated this morning. This afternoon can always be better. =)

George from the school district brought over a new, fun reflective toy for Jonah. I am planning to place it in his little room. He loves it. We also received a stander for Jonah yesterday. Finally!!! He actually stayed in it for about 20 minutes while Grandpa held his lap top so he could play before he started fussing, not bad for his first time! Hopefully we can get some good use out of this.

I have a cute video of Noah to post. He LOVES music (a true musician in the making) and will dance to any music, anywhere. He was both dancing and squealing through the music at church on Sunday. We are still working on what it means to be reverent at church, that may take some time!

Jonah is doing well, he is all smiles and cuddles as usual.

We found an incredible Web site for a child that has Cerebral Palsy (thanks Amanda). I don't think being a twin mom would allow me enough time to be as intensive as they have been but at least I can pull ideas from what they have learned. They are also fellow NAPA clients so I plan to email them about their experience with the program there. It is pretty amazing what they have done:


I love to be associated with parents who pray, work hard and do all they can for their children while always believing in their potential. These babies come to us for a reason and while many people do not support or do not understand we gain testimonies of why they are with us. Just Sunday I was feeling frustrated at some of the stares our Jonah receives at church, I should not let little things get me so but I never understand when adults stare without shame at another person because of a disability. It just never ceases to amaze me. But I am learning. I can say that younger children are curious and that is why they look but adults should have enough life experience to know that they don't stare, gawk, or treat differently those with disabilities. After all, we as Christians all over the world believe that Christ loved everyone, lame or leper without reproach or judgement. That is our ultimate goal, is it not? I suppose I am once again learning patience and tolerance for those who do not understand.

I will have to post that video of Noah soon. Thanks everyone for your concern about my mother. She fell again last week. Shane and I ordered her the Life Line system so she can wear this at home and if she falls and is not able to get up she simply presses a button and is instantly connected with those who can help her and get her 911. To make matters worse her oncologist met with her last week and felt that her cancer may have returned. The doctor ordered an MRI as well as a Pet Scan. My dad and I are flying up this coming Sunday to be with her the week of the 6th so we can go with her to the final consultation on the 8th. Pray for Sharon that her cancer has not returned. Our family really needs a break from health care crisis' right now. She did read us the results of her MRI and it sounds like their is presence of some damage related I think to her Parkinson's but we will find out for sure not this week but next. Hopefully the answer will just require a change to her Parkinson's medication.

Thanks everyone for your concern and prayers, we always appreciate your support.


Rob and Tammy said...

Will you please make sure you or your Dad calls me when you find out the results on Wednesday. We will keep your whole family in our prayers!

Rob and Tammy said...

You whole family is in our prayers. Please have your Dad call me after you meet with the doctor on Wednesday.