Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I can't believe how long it has been since I posted!

I usually am very good about updating the blog but these past two weeks have been so busy! Grandpa and Grandma Langston left, sadly. We miss them very much. Even the boys know Pa-pa is gone. The first week he was gone Noah was extra clingy and Jonah was extra fussy (fun week for Mom). Aunt Valerie did pay a visit to us for a couple of days and this was a nice distraction. We took the boys to the LA Zoo but it was so hot we only stayed for a couple of hours! We also went shopping at the Tulare outlets. The boys were fairly well behaved, I was proud of them because we did a lot of traveling. Aunt Valerie could not believe how much the boys had grown and she was excited to see them both making progress. She is very positive about Jonah and really thinks he is going to accomplish many things yet. We are grateful for every person like Aunt Valerie that sees the best in Jonah. We need to be reminded of this!

Speaking of which, Jonah had a therapist early this week that had not worked with him in some time. She was really pleased to see that he is stronger and I was pleased to hear her note all of his progress. He can support himself sitting for a few seconds at a time and is getting better with the weight shifting. Granted we have a lot way to go but we have to celebrate the small steps! Also, Jonah has met 3 of his 4 goals at therapy and his three month schedule is not even up! Go Jonah!! He is bright and loving and his smiles with his cute dimple are the absolute best.

Now, for the big news (drum roll please).........Noah has been off oxygen since Saturday during the day!!! We are taking his sats here and there and he is maintaining the 92 and above without any oxygen. Hurrah! We did talk to Pulmonology yesterday about decreasing some of his meds and I told them what had happened. They were supportive and just encouraged us to keep an eye on him. Hurrah! Perhaps we have finally tackled the oxygen during the day issue! What a relief. Noah is on the move all the time. He is walking more and more (still lacks some confidence but we are getting there) and he is big in to mimicking all we do. He blows kisses, puckers up to give kisses, says "no" all the time--especially when he does not get his way, waves good bye and says "bye bye," says "mine" in reference to something that is his....wow....go Noah!!! He is growing up before our eyes. He is still small for his size but Jonah is growing tall and long and is becoming a big boy.

Tomorrow I leave from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. and I am more then excited. I am THRILLED! This trip has been planned for months and it has gotten me through some tough days so I am excited to finally see it come. My closest cousin and I will be flying back east and enjoying time with Valerie. We will tour D.C. and also make a trip up to NYC (I have blogged about this before). It will be wonderful and a much needed rest from the daily stress of dealing with the boys and their constant issues.

We will be starting classes with the Richardson Center the end of August. Noah will be in a more advanced class and Jonah will be in the "moves" program to work on his gross motor and fine skills. The classes will be two hours, twice a week. I am looking forward to it. I will drop them off and probably stay here and there to see what the teachers do in working with the boys. I can't believe they will be two in October. I think we are still planning on going to Disneyland to celebrate their second birthday. It will be fun.

That is the latest from the Hanna home. I will update when I return from my fabulous trip. Hopefully I will be nice and rested because Jonah goes in for his fundo surgery on the 20th, the day after I get back. I literally fly in at 11:00 pm and the next morning we have to drive two hours to the hospital. The surgery will be long and his recovery will be at least a week in the hospital. I probably will not get a chance to update the blog until we are home. Grandma Hanna (thanks Grandma!) will be staying longer to help us with everything. Thank goodness we have such supportive family!

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