Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What a wonderful week it has been! I am getting ready to leave and return home.

I am reminded why I love Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. so much.

We have done so much since being here. My cousin, Bonnie Morgan, flew in last Wednesday night and stayed through Sunday. We went to the American History and American Natural History Smithsonians on Thursday. We ate delicious Thai food and had ice cream at Dairy Godmothers in Old Town Alexandria (apparently President Obama and his family visited Dairy Godmothers two weeks ago, it is a hot spot in Old Town). Friday we ate at Gadsby's Tavern (famous location where George Washington used to eat during his presidency) and then toured beautiful Mt. Vernon. Friday night we ate a picnic on the Mall and then catched a bus up to NYC. We arrived at an exhausting hour of 2:00 AM and passed out in our hotel near Battery Park. Saturday morning Bonnie and I got up early to take the Ellis Island ferry to the Statue of Liberty. We visited both the statue as well as Ellis Island. After we took a taxi to Chinatown and enjoyed the knock-off goods in the area (they are famous for their knock-off Coach, Dolce & Gabanna purses, etc.). We went to an afternoon play of The Little Mermaid which was spectacular. The costumes, props, singing were all amazing and we had third row orchestra seats which gave us the best of views. Saturday night we ate at what I consider to be the best cafe in NYC, Serendipity. I had the best frozen hot chocolate ever (they have a trademark on this delicious treat)! I would seriously return just to eat at Serendipity and experience the adorable, ecclectic cafe one more time! I also met with my good missionary companion, Lillian Clawson, at the cafe and we took time catching up. She is a sweetheart and I remember why I loved serving with her in our mission together over 10 years ago. Our return to D.C. was interesting, to say the least. We practically ran to our bus stop and when we finally got there the bus had changed it's pick up location without notifying us so we had to sit around for the next bus. We got home around 4:00 AM in the morning and practically slept the day away Sunday. We saw the Masonic Temple Sunday afternoon and relaxed that night. Monday I went to the Smithsonians and we ate at a local all you can eat pizzeria with a good friend from the area and my sister. Yesterday I took flower in to Valerie at her work and spent the rest of the day at museums. Last night we went to dinner for Valerie's birthday (happy 29!)

Today, I packed, did laundry and now I am getting ready to leave early to the airport where I will get lunch and hang out until my flight leaves around 6:00 PM. It is going to be another late night and sadly first thing tomorrow I get up and take Jonah down to Children's Madera for his Nissen Fundoplication surgery. We are anxiously waiting for the surgery time today. I hopefully will have a room at the Ronald McDonald house (right next to the hospital). Jonah's recovery time could easily be a week so we may be down in Madera this week and next.

I will feel like I am living out of suitcases but I guess that won't be too new of a feeling as I did it for so long after the boys' birth while they stayed in the NICU.

I am so grateful for the relaxing break. Valerie commented that this is the most relaxed she has seen me in some time. It was much needed and a good rest for my mind and spirit. Hopefully I have refueled enough to get back in to the hectic life that awaits me back home.

Jonah met with his cardiologist yesterday and they confirmed what Children's Madera said, his heart is fine. They did say they saw a small leak where his PDA clip was located but it was not significant enough to worry about at this time. They encouraged us to check this again in the next year or two.

So we have the clear for tomorrow! I wanted to make sure that everything was ok and that is why I pursued the second opinion with a cardiologist. Valerie's good friend just lost her 7 month old son (a former preemie) to heart failure and this was about the time I decided to pursue a second opinion. Let's just say it confirmed to me the importance of being diligent.

So I wanted to take time and update our blog because I won't be near the Web for another week or so. The trip was wonderful and I look forward to another fun, relaxing vacation perhaps sometime down the road.

For now, back to the little ones!

PS--Thanks Grandma Hanna for watching the boys and helping out with Noah as we are away at the hospital with Jonah. Also, I will post photos of my trip later!

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kristi said...

Sounds like a wonderful break. Hope you had the best time.