Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beach photos!

We had fun on Saturday at Santa Monica. It was actually a bit over cast so the temperature was on the cooler side. Noah wanted to make friends with everyone on the beach. I didn't have my camera but at one point he and this other little girl found each other and were so thrilled to have a new friend. It was so cute. Jonah loved playing in the sand with Dad but was not such a fan of the waves. Noah is in LOVE with sand (you can see in the photos), at one point he was making sand angels and practically burying himself in sand (lots of fun clean up for mom). I wish I would have had my camera! Noah also enjoyed inspecting our faces and when Dad dared to fall asleep Noah made sure his nose and mouth where working like they should be (see the photo below). All in all, everyone enjoyed the beach. We stopped by Claim Jumpers on the way home and beside Noah throwing a fit most of our dinner (got to love the terrible two's) we enjoyed ourselves.

Richardson Center classes are going wonderfully. The boys both love their classes. They have very dynamic teachers and I love having the extra time with them in a school setting. There are OT's and PT's from Terrio in Jonah's class so he gets extra time with them and they have a neat, newer stander that he gets to use while in class. There are varying levels of disabilities in the class, including Downs, Autism, CP and a child that was born with hydrocephalus and also had a shunt placed to help. Noah's class is going to challenge him and give him discipline (which he needs not just at home but in a classroom setting). His class consists mostly of verbal activies to help build vocabulary and speech. He has added his verson of "don't" which includes saying the word with much emphasis and forgetting the "t." This has turned up in his temper tantrums and he always screams it at me when he does not get his way. He also says "uh-oh" non stop. We are working on more and all done. I hope please takes the place of bubbles which is what he calls something he wants. He says "ank u" for thank you (so we are getting there) and understands up and down. Yeah!! The best part of Noah's latest progress is his eating! He now will eat chunks of cheese, hot dog pieces and pieces of fresh peach and banana! I hardly can believe I am even writing his name and these things in the same paragraph! He also tried macaroni and cheese but was not terribly fond of it. Hopefully we can build his food repertoire in the next few weeks. Jonah has also done some great things. One of the Terrio PT's who has not seen Jonah in a few weeks saw him in his Richardson Center class and noted that his trunk strength is getting better and she was excited. Jonah continues to work on his sitting and even weight bearing with his legs. He is GREAT at verbal mimicking games which is awesome for a child that can't even see your lips and relies completely on his hearing. Yesterday we were saying "sssss" back and forth to each other and several vowels and consonants. His main words are still mom and dad but hopefully with more practice and time those vowels and consonants will come together. We met with a speech pathologist Monday in a parent group setting and she talked to us about early speech development. She did say that babbling is half way there and that if our child was babbling regularly to know we were on our way to progress. So I take pride in this.

Tomorrow we are going to a farm day at the Richardson Center. They are going to have farm animals, games and treats for the children. Brooke and Allie will join us for all kinds of fun. I am going to see if I can find them some cute western wear tonight that they can wear tomorrow.

I will take pictures and post them!

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