Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Guess who LOVES his new switch toy! Jonah. We just made a trip to Madera today for Jonah's surgery follow up (all his well, thank goodness) and we stopped by the Blind Babies office to get a few toys for Jonah. Our contact, Kristi, included a switch toy and switches for us to start using with Jonah and they are a hit! Jonah giggled at this monkey for several minutes. Noah on the other hand was not so sure about the rather real looking creature and was a bit scared to get too close. Guess Mr. Monkey will have to grow on him. The idea behind the switch technology is to help Jonah learn that he can control his environment through the use of various switches. As he grows older and more mature these switches can be used for pretty much everything from operating the microwave to the television, computer, etc. Pretty handy! Kristi also included a couple of new toys for the light box, a bright orange pumpkin puzzle made of big foam pieces and an adorable story in braille about the littlest pumpkin with black background and bright orange pumpkin pictures. Kristi also included a toy bar that we will be able to use in creating a larger "little room" where we can hang toys of all bright colors and textures to create an environment where Jonah can explore. He is getting heavier and bigger so we will soon retire the much used little room that we currently have. We will be able to put Jonah in his stander underneath this new structure and it should also fit over his stroller so we can just wheel him in for play time.

We are so appreciative of everything and send a big hug and thank you to Kristi for staying in touch with us, even when we are out of her service county! She has been a wealth of information and resources for our family.

We did not make it this past Labor Day weekend to the beach because Shane had too many work phone calls. A rather important piece of machinery stopped working so he had to stay in town to manage the repair and get production back up and running. He did take the boys and I out to lunch Monday and then we went on a walk around the mall. It was relaxing and nice. I got our master bedroom cleaned Monday morning, did a work out on my treadmill and then showered before we took off for lunch so we got a lot accomplished. Plus, Shane promised me a trip on Saturday to the beach since we could not make it this past weekend. So I am looking forward to the break!

The boys have been doing well. Noah's vocabulary continues to grow and so does his curiosity. He has learned yucky, uh-oh when he drops something and is working on big boy. He continues to explore with finger foods and tomorrow we are going to try a toddler serving of real macaroni and cheese! Wish us luck! Jonah did great today in PT and was using his left hand well to support himself in the sitting position. Karen (his PT) was very excited to see this. He is all giggles and smiles and is probably the happiest boy that I know. I still cannot keep his glasses on him (dang it) but we are persistent in getting him to wear them (we are almost as quick as he is in pulling them off!)

Enjoy the video, we enjoyed catching him in the moment!

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