Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The day is finally ending at 10:00 pm. I am completely exhausted and after this posting I am going straight to bed because tomorrow it starts all over again and early.

Dr. Tamura, Jonah's fundoplication surgeon, wants us to start him back on arithromycin to see if it helps boost his appetite. He thinks that maybe Jonah is still suffering from GED (gastric emptying delay). Other then that, he said that unfortunately it will take time for Jonah's stomach to grow to a point where it can accomodate more volume so we just have to stick with getting as many calories in him as possible. I am considering adding Benecalorie or olive oil in his Kids Essentials to give him an extra 100 calories with each meal. He has not lost weight but he has not gained either in the past two months. Not good. He needs to be continuing to grow so hopefully we will find a formula that will work. Dr. Tamura also arranged for the GI clinic to call and arrange a time to see Jonah because of my concerns and he wants to see us back in a month.

Now, as far as the appointment with Dr. Kelly goes....Jonah will have surgery #11 or 12 (at this point it is past 10 and I am losing count) on November 9th. Dr. Kelly noticed today that his left eye is resting lower then his right and he seems to not really be using his left eye. She wants to correct this with the hopes that the change will force him to use both eyes together. When she asked me if I had noticed the difference in his eyes I said, yes. I have noticed before that his left eye focuses lower then his right but I figured that when Dr. Kelly felt the timing was right she would correct things and it looks like that time has arrived.

So we are scheduling the surgery for around the 9th. Shane would like it earlier because he starts teaching night classes for the University of Phoenix so we'll see what I can do tomorrow with scheduling. We want to do the surgery with Grandpa in town so that we can both go down with Jonah and Grandpa can stay behind with Noah.

That is the udpate as of today. I sure hope that this medication helps Jonah and hopefully adding extra calories to his sippy cup will help him start putting on weight too. He is still hanging out around 23 pounds 5 ounces.

Well, I am exhausted so for now I will end this post but will follow up with more later. This weekend we have the Harvest Festival with Blind Babies Foundation. It will be fun to get out and enjoy the time there plus we will see Kristi Spaite with BBF. She continues to be a great help to us.

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