Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We did not get results from last week's EEG. We have to wait to receive an official report in the mail. After research and conversations with a friend back east who has epilepsy I feel that we really will not learn much from the EEG. Unfortunately, it seems we are in a situation where we will just have to wait things out and see if a seizure happens again.

Other then crazy busy, things are good. The boys went back to school last Thursday and this Monday. They really enjoy their time there and I think it is good for them both. Noah needs to work on his vocabulary so his class is really challenging his speech skills, which is great! Jonah enjoys singing time and they work with him in a stander they have there at the school.

This week has been and will continue to be very busy.

I have been worried for some time about Jonah's poor eating. I do not have a scale at home for the boys (which might be a good thing as I would drive myself crazy with it) but it seems to me that Jonah might have lost a bit of weight. He has not been weighed in some time and I am to the point where two months post surgery, we should be seeing his appetite return to normal. Plus, his gagging is worse and his adversion to textures is also worse. I finally broke down Monday and called his surgeon. His nurse said that the gagging should not have continued to worsen and the fact that his appetite is still poor may mean that the nissen is too tight. We will meet with the surgeon tomorrow morning to see what his feelings are. They may need to dilate the tube down his esophagus if they do decide that things need changing. After this visit, we will visit his eye specialist. I continue to worry about Jonah's vision too. Some days I feel like he sees absolutely nothing and other days he seems to better interpret his environment. His prescription has not been changed in a year so tomorrow I plan to ask what the plan is with this. He is still awful about keeping his glasses on. I don't know if he will ever fully adjust to using them. This also leads me to believe that perhaps they may not be helping as much as we would like, I will have to ask Dr. Kelly. I know they do help some, for sure...but the question is how much.

So tomorrow is busy, I rush home to go to a youth activity for our church and then Thursday is therapy and school in the morning. I still have a Sunday lesson to plan for our young women's group and I have to get ready for the Little Feet Repeats consignment sale next week. My clothes are in the database, I just need to print tags and organize everything. We are selling quite a bit so that is always good. I am volunteering this time around to up the return I get on my sales. We also have a fun party Friday night with friends (just adults--hoorah!) to celebrate Halloween. I am excited.

The next two weeks are going to be busy, busy. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Grandpa and I can't believe how quickly this month has gone. It will be November soon, hard to believe!

Enjoy the photos above. We had our play group at a local pumpkin patch today. Jonah debuted his Kid Cart today. It seemed to go well. I have included a photo above of him riding in his new wheels.

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