Saturday, October 10, 2009

We had a wonderful family day today.

We decided this year to take the boys to a local farm to enjoy some pumpkin picking and harvest fun. I have never been and really enjoyed our trip. Murray Family Farms is locally owned and they grow organic produce. The boys enjoyed face painting, a corn play pool (Jonah's favorite!), corn maze, games, hay ride and pumpkin picking. We bought tasty goodies including home made fudge, blackberry pie and dried fruit. The Haney family joined us and brought their darling one-year-old daughter, Haylee, to play with the boys. I really admire this family and appreciate their friendship. They are adopting Haylee and have been waiting for over a year for things to be finalized. I have watched Shirley take this baby straight from the hospital and nurture and love her like her own. She is a lucky little girl. So we enjoyed their company and had a wonderful trip. Definitely something to do again next year! They allow you to come and pick produce year round so we may have to go back in the spring and pick berries. I like that everything is organic.

Tomorrow is fast Sunday for our church. I am fasting that Jonah will start regaining his apetite. I worry so much because he has not been eating well ever since his fundoplication surgery. While we are grateful for the end in vomiting, I am worried about his lack of appetite. I never thought we'd go backward with eating but I find myself having to fight him on every meal and I have not come this far to have Jonah end up with a feeding tube. So for those of you willing to fast, will you keep Jonah in your prayers?

We are so grateful to have Grandpa here. It is always a lift to our spirits. He is such a positive support and really gives us so much love. We are lucky to have him here. We also miss Grandma who flew home on Friday.

It is late and I must get to bed, so I will end this post for now.


Jill said...

Thanks for sharing all those great pictures.

ilovepete said...

Cute pictures!Your boys are so cute. That corn pool was such a great idea! Thanks for your comment the other day I wished you lived closer too. It would be fun to have our kids get to know each other! I ran into your mom too - at the temple. Your parents are so awesome!