Friday, October 9, 2009

Well, it has been a roller coaster of a week.

Our trip to Las Vegas was fairly good. I did not sleep well, it has been a few years since we have been and I think I remembered why. =) There is so much "riff raff" that it makes it hard for me to enjoy the overall experience. I did not sleep well because I had a partial migraine due to all the smoke in the streets, casinos, etc. BUT the show (Phantom) was absolutely amazing. If any of you have a desire to see it, the Las Vegas production is one of a kind. I have seen it in both Los Angeles and a couple of times in Utah but the Las Vegas stage was incredible. I was told it was stunning because they had custom made the stage just for this production and it was. The special effects, music and acting were all phenomenal. I was able to also get some great winter clothes for the boys at their excellent outlet malls. In the end though, I was glad to come home to my own bed.

Tuesday on our way home I called Grandpa and he was worried about Jonah. He said that mid-afternoon he started acting like he was having a seizure and it took some time for him to come out of things. My Dad did say that it was not a full blown seizure (he is a retired special educator) but that it appeared to have characteristics of a seizure. When we got home he looked pale and exhausted. He pretty much slept for most the rest of the day and really was just not himself. I was absolutely terrified and very upset but the neurosurgeon's office had already closed for the day so we kept Jonah with us overnight and called first thing in the morning. When I spoke with the neurosurgeon he ordered a CT Scan but they were not able to get us in until yesterday. The good news is that the scan was stable and the neurosurgeon did not see any change to his ventricles. But, because of what I described to the neurosurgeon that Jonah had done he was still concerned that Jonah had experienced a small seizure so he wanted an EEG. They were not able to schedule us yesterday (unfortunately) so I have to wait and hear from Radiology next week to schedule that appointment. Jonah goes to see his eye specialist on the 21st so I am going to try and schedule his EEG before that appointment in the morning. We are grateful that things appear to be stable but a bit frustrated as to what really happened. Hopefully we will know with time.

More good news, Grandpa and Grandma Langston have been with us all week. Grandma goes home today and we are all packing in the car and driving her to Burbank. Grandpa is staying through Thanksgiving and we welcome the help! It is wonderful to have the support and the boys love having Grandpa around.

We are grateful that the boys celebrated their second birthday this week and we are grateful that the boys have grown in this past year. We hope the upcoming year will be full of blessings and health so that the boys may make progress with their individual goals. Thanks everyone for your well wishes and support.

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