Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Well, our first week without Grandpa is off to a crazy start.

Thanksgiving was wonderful and we thoroughly enjoyed having Grandma and Grandpa Langston here. We were all sick last week. I started to come down with what the boys have had last Saturday afternoon.

Monday morning, Jonah woke up sounding awful. Both Noah and Jonah finished their antibiotics on Saturday. Jonah was having awful coughing fits and he started acting strangely in that he had cold sweats, was using a loud, unusual cry and his body was shaky. His strabismus was also out of control (rapid eye movement) plus his heart rate was in the 180's. I really thought he was having another seizure. I called the neurosurgeon and pediatrician and we made the decision to get Jonah immediately on oxygen and down to Madera Children's Hospital. We went in to the ER and were immediately seen. They did not feel there was enough evidence to support having a seizure but ran other blood work and a chest x-ray to see about pneumonia. Everything came back fine but to be safe we also did a CT scan to make sure his shunt was stable. After an exhausting eight hours we were finally let go. Jonah was so worn out yesterday, he literally slept in my arms all day while in the ER and was so pale. He definitely was out of sorts and I am still not convinced that he did not have a mild seizure yesterday morning.

We made it home last night and were so tired that both Jonah and I went to bed early.

Shane has been blessed enough to work from home yesterday and today so he stayed home with Noah and I plan to rest some today as I am still battling this ridiculous cold. The worst part is how exhausted you feel when sick with whatever bug it is that I am carrying around.

We are at least grateful that Jonah was not ill enough to be hospitalized. He does appear to be feeling much better today and we are thankful.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and well wishes and for remembering us yesterday. We are grateful for everyone's ongoing support.

God bless everyone during this holiday season!

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