Thursday, February 18, 2010

All dressed up for their first day back to school! The boys both enjoyed their first day back to the Richardson Center today. GI Clinic went well on Tuesday. Jonah weighed in at 27 pounds, Noah 24 pounds. Hurrah for Jonah! We have worked very, very hard to make sure he would gain weight. Thank you everyone who fasted and prayed for Jonah the past couple of months. Your faith has blessed our family once again. Jonah is out of the clear with his weight issues for now. We get to return back to working on textured food with Jonah and hopefully will make progress with the foods that he tolerates. This is just a snippet of what has been going on, more later!


Bugg's mama said...

Hi there, Your twins are precious. I know how it is to live the "special" life, too. My Bugg - he's 3- cannot talk, is in a wheelchair, has CVI and a few other anomalies. It's wonderful. And crazy. And super challenging! aaah, but you know that. I live in Utah! It's so awesome. And i'm from Cali! My husband & i were married in the Oakland temple. Nice to meet you!

Love, bree

Rob and Tammy said...

They are SOOOOOO handsome!