Thursday, April 8, 2010

Well, I couldn't just leave my blog with last night's entry. I am glad to say that the storm has passed and I feel more recovered today. I, as everyone does, have my limits and last night I was beyond my threshold of coping skills. I regrouped and feel back on track to conquer things once again.

I do have great news to report. After several phone calls and a good friend inquiring, I was able to get in touch with a nurse through Kern County schools. She suggested I look in to Cedars Sinai pediatric neurology clinic and that they should have a shorter waiting list. I started the process of getting an authorization through my insurance and this afternoon the nurse made a three way call to Cedars and we are on our way to a second neurology opinion for Jonah within the next three weeks (hopefully sooner). I feel so much more at ease knowing we are on our way to getting hopefully some answers and a better direction.

I also ordered new frames for Jonah today. I went with a tortoise shell colored frame (very Harry Potter and very cute) and they will arrive tomorrow. Dr. Kelly made a new prescription yesterday so once we have the frames chosen I will take them to the optometrist and get new lenses ordered.

Both boys enjoyed school this morning. Noah loves the interaction there and every day his vocabulary is growing. Jonah loves all the songs and constant attention he gets from the various aids and his classroom teacher, they are all just wonderful and so loving. Grandpa Langston was nice enough to go with Jonah to class so I could make phone calls and work on getting Jonah in to a second neurologist.

I had two exciting things happen today. One, the principal at the Richardson Center ask that I sit on a committee the end of the month and deliver a parent's perspective regarding how to improve local health care to serve the at risk population of children. Of course I said yes, but I do hope she knows who she asked to speak because I plan to give a very well thought out and not very pleasant picture of the sorely lacking resources in Kern County. Apparently a rep from First Five will be there and I am assuming will be taking information back to First Five to help Kern County get funding. Second, I was able to get a small donation to help cover the cost of meat for a BBQ post walk on April 17th. I wanted to host this walk for those who have supported our March of Dimes cause. So I am excited that we were able to get this accomplished. Hopefully we will get some friends and team mates out to enjoy the meal.

So friends and family, do not worry too much. I always bounce back, sometimes I just need some time to regroup. Thanks for your worry and love.

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