Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Just a quick posting to keep everyone in check with what's happening here in Los Angeles with the boys. Jonah, unfortunately, is going in this afternoon for his sixth surgery. He has been symptomatic for about a week now for shunt issues. He also has another infection so they have been blaming a lot of symptoms on his infection but his head circumference went up 1.5 centimeters within 12 hours Monday night. Yesterday morning they tapped his shunt and removed 20 cc's of fluid, almost an ounce of spinal fluid! So today he goes in for his first shunt revision and hopefully we won't undergo a dozen of these revisions over the coming months.

Noah's eyes still looked fair today. The doctor wasn't happy with his progress considering the boys are now 37/38 weeks old gestation wise but his eyes aren't at the stage of needing treatment. He wants to continue to monitor Noah to make sure he doesn't need laser. So that means they will be here for at least another week.

Where we go next, I do not know. I wish Jonah would be sent back to Fresno as well as Noah but I have a feeling we won't be so lucky this time.

We will keep you posted as to where they end up.

Love, Shane and Michelle

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