Sunday, January 6, 2008

“My dear sisters, do not pray for tasks equal to your abilities, but pray for abilities equal to your tasks. Then the performance of your tasks will be no miracle, but you will be the miracle.” -President Thomas S. Monson-

I enjoyed this quote sent to me by good friends (thank you Neal and Tina). I find that I am constantly meditating and praying for the strength to handle the challenges that Noah and Jonah face. Some days I know that I have a greater ability to manage our trials than others but I am at peace with knowing that these boys chose us as parents and God trusted us enough to see both boys through this long journey of being born prematurely.

Below are photos and videos of both boys. They are both still in Los Angeles and will remain here for the next couple of weeks. So far Noah's eyes have not met criteria for the laser procedure to correct his ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity). Jonah's eyes looked improved this past Sunday. This coming Monday the doctor will examine both boys to see how they are progressing.

Both Jonah and Noah are finishing antibiotics for pneumonia. The move to Los Angeles was definitely stressful on both and they both came down with illnesses shortly after their transfer. Noah was just switched today to the conventional ventilator from the high frequency oscillator. We got to hold him today for the second time in three months. It was a very happy day for both Shane and I.

Jonah has been doing fairly well aside from a few "episodes" where his heart rate will go extremely low and his oxygen rate will desaturate (bradycardias). Last week he was vomiting his feeds and they had to stop feeding for 24 hours to give his stomach a break and then started feeds again. They have been doing continuous head ultrasounds and the doctors say his shunt appears to be working but his spells have us worried that he may be having a few related issues.

I hope we are able to get Jonah transferred back down to Fresno after this stint in Los Angeles so he can return to his original neurosurgeon. I don't think Children's of Central CA will accept Noah as his only issue is related to his lungs and a lesser acuity NICU can manage his care. More than likely the boys will be split. It is hard to think about but Jonah's health demands that he be followed by a surgical team equipped to handle anything that may happen.

Noah has also been struggling with his feeds. He has twice suffered from distended bowels and they have been worried about blockages in his intestinal track. He has been back and forth on feeds. Just yesterday they started feeding him again with the hopes that he will be able to better tolerate breast milk.

I so wish I could say the boys were coming home at their original due date, January 24th. It does not appear likely and I was hoping that at least one would come home end of February but it all depends on their progress this month. They both still have such a long ways to go, it could possibly be until March before we see them come home. Once both are able to start bottle feeding we will have at least a month to go before they are able to come home and neither are near that milestone yet.

Keep praying for both boys. Your prayers are what keep them going. Just last night Shane gave Noah a priesthood blessing, praying for his lungs and the ability to switch over to the regular ventilator and this morning we went in to the hospital to find him switched. I am convinced that the power of prayer and God's divine intervention has kept both boys with us. I have had discussions with others who have themselves or who have known others that have carried twins and tragically lost both or one of the babies after being born as early as Jonah and Noah. We have been so blessed to have both of our boys still with us. Although our road may be long we feel so strongly that we are blessed to have both of these sweet miracles in our lives. Both Shane and I feel a great joy in being able to hold both boys and we have a deep love for their sweet spirits. God has blessed us so much.

Thank you again for your prayers. Keep praying.

Love, Shane and Michelle

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