Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shane is down in Fresno with Noah this weekend. He continues to do well on the steroids. Today was his last dose so we will see what his lungs are really doing come Monday. His doctor said if he has a great week after the steroids and appears stable they will send him home next Friday. While that sounds amazing I am cautiously optimistic. Noah has historically had too many set backs for me to be thrilled about this yet. I am praying fervently for it though. Things will be very complicated once Shane's mom leaves in the next week and a half and we no longer have someone down in Fresno to be with Noah every day. My father and mother will come down the 7th of April to help in Bakersfield. I guess if Noah stays down in Fresno I will be splitting my weeks between Fresno and Bakersfield. We also are still looking at transferring Noah back to Bakersfield should he remain fairly stable but not be ready to go home end of next week.

So we will see.

I forgot to mention in my earlier posts that Jonah has gained weight (thank goodness). He gained a couple of ounces in the past week so that is great. He didn't do too well with feeds today and then suddenly at 8:00 he took two ounces with no fussing in hardly no time and woke up at 10:00 starving and wanting two more ounces. I would so love if this would become the trend and not the exception!

So that is where we stand as of tonight. Still trying to get Jonah into a good feeding schedule. He is doing better at sleeping between feeds at night so that is good. We continue to pray that this round of steroids will have a lasting affect on Noah's lungs and that he will come home to us soon. This would be a miracle and answer to our prayers.

Till next time,

Shane and Michelle

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