Friday, March 28, 2008

Well, I guess I made that posting a bit too soon. Jonah is doing a bit better with the newer formula but still not taking every feeding without fussing. We went back to the pediatrician again today. Yesterday we went in because I was getting so worried about his fussiness and fighting with bottle feeding plus he was refusing more and more to eat. So yesterday we spent a couple of hours at the pediatrician running all kinds of blood work to check for infection as well as checking for dehydration. Everything came out fine except our doctor does want Jonah eating more. Yeah, good luck. Good news is there is an occupational therapist who has agreed to volunteer some of her time and come work with Jonah to see if he can't get into a better pattern of eating. That hopefully will help.

I was so excited about his 11:oo PM feeding last night that I thought we had finally took a turn in the road but then his 1:00 AM feeding was terrible. He cried the entire time and barely took over an ounce. He has done better though with this thicker formula that has the rice cereal and we are increasing the powder to make the formula 24 calories. We also started a second medication for acid reflux today in hopes that it will hope Jonah with his feedings.

Noah has had a great week on steroids (of course). He is down to the low flow (the system he will go home on) and eating almost all his bottles. The real challenge will come once the steroids stop. We will see if his lungs are capable of managing on their own. If he has a good, stable week next week we may transfer him closer to home as the hospital where he was born could finish off his feeding, etc.

These boys are sure keeping us on our toes! If it isn't one thing it is another. I am sorry I don't always get to return your phone calls, etc. Life is really hectic and crazy and I have to be somewhat of a hermit to protect my boys. I was living in fear Thursday morning that Jonah was getting sick and I was thinking of all the things I could have done better. I'm afraid you constantly live with guilt as a preemie parent.

I am glad he doesn't have any infections though, at least I can rest assured that he is well in that department.

Well, I better run. Keep praying for our babies. We love each of you.

Shane and Michelle

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heidi said...

you are doing a great job michelle, don't think that you aren't.

we'll keep your family in our prayers.

hope you are able to get some sleep.