Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hi all,

I knew there was a reason I was hesitating sending everyone a notice that Noah would be going home today. We are here in Fresno and it has been a mad house all day. The pulmonologist just made changes to Noah's meds and now he is going home on two different types of inhalers, one twice a day and the other every 6 hours. Meds had to be rewritten, called over to the pharmacy and on top of that the Pulsox we need won't come until Monday and we have to go through training for it. We did get the Nebulizer machine for his asthma treatments though which is great.

Good grief.

It probably is a good thing as Noah required a bit more oxygen during his "car seat challenge" last night. Although I am not sure why because the nurse said he never went below 92% with his oxygen but she upped his liters to keep him in the high 90's although the Pulmonologist said anything 92 and above was just fine. So I'm not sure what happened there but we have to redo the challenge sometime this weekend.

The good news is the Pulmonologist said that Noah looks really good considering everything he has been through, especially for a child his age and with the lungs that he has. So that is encouraging!

So supposedly things are set for Monday. Poor Shane, he is having to make all these adjustments at work and I feel bad. I KNEW this would be a possibility in the first place but what can you do? We have to be here so it is what it is.

Linda (Shane's mom) is still home with Jonah for the weekend so that is great. My Mom/Dad come out next Friday and my Dad plans to stay for a couple of months which we will need desperately.

I keep hoping come early summer both boys will be so much stronger and more stable.

Well, thank you everyone for all you do. Keep praying for our babies and for our sanity. =)

Love, Shane and Michelle

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