Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Noah coming home Friday -- !?!?!

Well it is looking like Noah will be coming home Friday. I do say that with a bit of hesitation and I've gone back and forth on blogging today but I decided to go ahead with it. We are going through the motions of getting oxygen equipment approved for his use. Hopefully he will be coming home with a Pulsox which will be great, this way we can keep a careful watch on his oxygen saturation. He is fluctuating between half a liter and a quarter liter of oxygen so it will be great to have the saturation monitor so we can know when to turn up his oxygen or turn it down.

Jonah has had a better day or two with feeding. He still protests here and there but it is mainly when he is sleepy and just not in the mood to eat. He did want to eat a bit early yesterday and again this afternoon (after only a couple of hours) so I fed him sooner. I think he really likes the Enfamil formula we are using. I would like to get Noah transferred over from Neosure but I know Shane would love to see us use up the dozen cans he bought from Ebay. We will see. It would be so much easier to have the boys on the same formula.

Jonah slept great last night in his crib which is good. We will see how it goes with two babies in the room. Hopefully they won't keep each other up! Jonah is quite a screamer when he wants to be! Noah is definitely the more "mellow" baby.

I am tired. I know I should just get used to it but I am still tired!! My Mother-in-law, Linda, will be staying through next week which will be nice. Then my folks will come down and my Dad will stay with me for a couple of months. This will be such a HUGE help as the boys will have all kinds of appointments, etc.

I am hoping summertime that both will be more stable and adjusted and doing better with eating, etc. It would be a dream if Noah where off oxygen by the end of the summer but I probably shouldn't expect so much quite so soon. =)

Well, we will keep you posted. I do hope this actually falls into place and that Noah will do well enough to come home. We have our fingers crossed.

Thank you everyone for your phone calls and well wishes. We certainly appreciate all the help we have received.

Shane and Michelle

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heidi said...

yeah! i hope he gets to come home on friday for you guys. i'll cross my fingures for you too.

keep that positive attitude that he get off the oxygen by summer, get the positive vibes out. ;)

i'm sure your tired, hopefully some day in your near future you and the boys will get a full night sleep, that's always a glorious day.