Friday, April 25, 2008

More pics! So I'm thinking this blog is going to turn into one big photo collage. That is ok though, I think everyone enjoys the photos more then my actual entries. The first is of Grandpa Langston feeding Jonah and making cute faces (do you love Jonah's bib?) Jonah is smacking his lips at Grandpa and saying, "Where is the rest?" He has always been our better feeder of the two (and that isn't saying much in way of how much these two actually eat! My Yahoo group micro-preemie moms, you know what I am talking about)

The next two are of the boys in their Bumbo seat. Jonah will at least sit in it until he starts sliding one way or the other (still working on head control) and we have to intervene but Noah cries straight after about a minute. They aren't sure yet if they like it but it is good practice and helps them work out those neck and shoulder muscles which both need.

The next is priceless because it is a RARE moment. Noah is holding his nebulizer tubing, as if he actually enjoys his treatments! HA! We have to trick him and wait until he is asleep and then give the treatments otherwise it is non-stop CRYING. His pulsox machine just beeps at us madly because his heart rate shoots up to a ridiculously high range. So the other night when I peeked in after setting up his machine and he was lovingly wrapped around his tubing I thought, oh man. I can't waste a good photo opportunity! Especially when it is so RARE! Ha ha ha!


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