Friday, May 30, 2008

Noah's Bad Habits (Sigh):

Noah has learned how to pull his cannulas into his mouth and suck happily on them while his pulsox screams at us. Also noted: his ability to somehow, magically, remove taping after taping of his cannulas only to have me find him with tape and cannula flying free in the air.

I love little boys...especially innovative ones.


kristi said...

They learn at an early age how to "push our buttons." It's always weird to think that they are testing their limits at such an early age, but it's very normal and ALWAYS interesting. One of mine this past week tested some limits by imitating a story plot in one of the books I read before bedtime. Now, I have two ruined sheet sets because we have 2 ghost Halloween costumes all set for October (both flat sheets have holes for some very cute ghosts!) Why didn't anyone warn me about how creative my children would be?

aline said...

Hi there, I came across your blog through another and wanted to introduce myself. I'm a Mom of a preemie as well. Our Frankie is 3 years old now and we share similar stories (as all preemie Mom's do!) I'll be checking in for updates. I'm big on photos, I love the ones you have up. Please check in with us as well, comments are always welcome! Our daughter used to do the same thing with the canula, it used to freak me out.
God bless.