Friday, May 30, 2008

“I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.” -Woody Allen-

Love the quote. I know it is a bit quirky but since I included the adorable "Got Milk" photos below I thought it was humorous. We all need more humor, especially in our house and especially when it comes to eating.

As the boys are getting stronger and older they are learning how to push the bottle out of their mouths when they don't want anymore. How convenient. We've had to start swaddling Jonah because he is constantly sticking his hands on his bottle and pushing it away or smearing formula all over his face. Noah just gives one quick swat and flips the whole bottle out of our hands. Nice guys.

The visit to the pediatrician went ok today. I'm still not terribly fond of our doctor. He messed up the dosage on a refill for one of Noah's diuretics and yesterday Shane and I noticed he had a strange dosage written up for the refill on Noah's Albuterol. I asked him about it today and he said it was because he didn't know the original dosage so he went by some formula per kilo. I seriously wanted to say, "How can you possibly NOT KNOW what his original dosage was after all the discharge notes given to you from the NICU, our review of his meds a COUPLE of times, etc.,etc.,etc." Rrrrrrrrrrrrr. One problem is he is a very busy doctor who wasn't taking new patients but our HMO recommended him so he pretty much was told to take on the boys. Sometimes I think he has too much going on. Plus I can't stand he is constantly telling me how overworked he is, tired he is, etc.,etc. It's just all too strange. I am used to doctors that are all business and not so personal. Today I got an ear full about his argument he had with his sister last night. I guess it isn't so bad he has a personal side as he does mention God a lot and prayer. At least he is a God fearing man. To top things off, I am not fond of his office staff. They act so "put out" because I make special requests to not expose the boys to other children. It doesn't matter how many times I have told them they are very delicate and it doesn't matter that it isn't RSV season, it is the specialist's orders for them NOT to be around people right now. I still get looks every time I check in at their isolation door and every time I say my boys can't go to the general lab for blood draws that lab techs need to come to the room and do the draws.

Ok, I am digressing and just getting upset thinking of it all so I'll stop.

Jonah is 11 pounds 3 ounces and Noah 10 pounds 11 ounces. Jonah is 23 1/4 inches and Noah 23 1/2 inches. I was disappointed they had not gained more weight, I could have sworn that Jonah was closer to 12 pounds. Oh well, this seems to be the ongoing battle for us but at least we know we are not alone.

We got the ok to start rice cereal. I've been playing with the boys and spoon feeding some formula for fun. Jonah had a blast a couple of days ago and played in it, he seems to get the idea that you swallow the stuff (although he still drools most of it) but Noah just drooled everything and looked at me like I was crazy. Obviously we have a ways to go. =) Shane and I are going to attempt rice cereal this weekend so we'll see what happens.

Well, better run. Jonah is down sleeping and Noah is fussy and wanting attention.

Love, Shane and Michelle

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